Thursday, December 31, 2020

Welcome to Charlesworth Dynamics

NOTE: The site is long overdue for an update but you can still find most of my stuff here.

I am a 3D Designer and Fabricator with a specialty in designing assemblies. For 12 years, I was the Head Repair Technician for NYU Film & TV - responsible for the repair, maintenance and processing of all production equipment.  Recently I relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area where I am the 3D Printing & Fabrication Specialist on  I use my hands-on knowledge and sensibility, to design working 3D printed assemblies combined with actual hardware where appropriate.

This was originally an archive of my 3D modeling and printing thesis (see Octopod below) for a Masters of Science in Digital Imaging and Design at NYU.  It has since grown into much more, documenting my 3D printing as well as 'analog' projects which cover anything from camera repair to building Star Wars blasters.  I felt it was appropriate to combine the two since I constantly bring the digital world of 3D modeling and printing together with real-world hardware and construction.


Adam Savage's Inventern

I won a competition to assist Adam Savage of MythBusters on a project.  I recount the experience for

3D Printing & Fabrication on Tested

I build unique projects, reviews and LEGO on Tested - run by Adam Savage and Norman Chan 


A selection of my projects and kits are available in my Etsy shop. Custom orders accepted.


I get asked a lot about tools, toys, etc I use, like or recommend - so I set up an Amazon Associates Storefront to share some of it. This is all stuff I actually do use, buy, like - I'm not just throwing junk up.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Cutaway Lightsaber

In conjunction with Formlabs, I designed a custom cutaway lightsaber.
See how it was designed on Tested.
Watch Punished Props build and paint one!

Download print files here.
Buy one here.

Ghostbusters Ghost Trap

See my fully 3D printed Trap on Tested.

Download & print your own.

Get the hardware to put it all together.

Get assembly guides.

Octopod Underwater Salvage Vehicle

My thesis project which I designed, printed and built.  Make sure to look at past posts which go into great detail about the modeling and printing process.

The Octopod won an Editor's Choice Award at Maker Faire New York 2012 and is featured on the MAKE site and in their "Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing" issue.

It has also been featured on the Objet site and with great pride on Tested, an awesome site which features my hero, Adam Savage from Mythbusters. (Seriously, check out the videos of Adam's workshop).

The Scuttlefish
(aka Gowanus Monster)

I designed and modeled this for an animated film by Bold Machines. It's definitely in the same fleet as the Octopod.

Download files here.
Buy one here.

3D printed TARDIS kit.  We are offering a regular TARDIS, Half Wolf TARDIS (shown) and a lighting upgrade package (soldering skills required).

They are up on our Etsy Store, so check it out.

See my full write-up of how the TARDIS was created on

Iris Box v3

Update to my original iris door box, derived from the Octopod moon pool door.

Buckaroo Banzai Jet Car

My other on-going project is the Jet Car from one of my favorite films, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension.  It was my first 3D print and I did a full write-up of how it was done for

The Jet Car was on display in Vienna, Austria for Vienna Design Week 2012.

Iron Man Arc Reactor

Ongoing project to 3D print the MK I Reactor.

These are my other creations which range from useful to fun.

'Analog' Projects

A selection of hands-on projects I have tackled, including a Stormtrooper Blaster.

Tuesday, December 29, 2020


Here you will find assembly instructions for most of my kits.  Some projects can be downloaded and 3D printed at home. Contact me with any questions or comments.

Check my Etsy Store for kits and hardware.


A hybrid GB1/GB2 Ghost Trap I designed to be fully 3D printed except for assembly hardware. The Standard version (and guides) are for the fully 3D printed version. The Deluxe version has a 3D printed body and adds as much authentic hardware as possible.

- See quick demo of Trap.
- Download files and 3D print your own Trap here.
- Kit FAQ - what is Standard vs Deluxe version? What kits do I need?
- See how the Trap was designed on Adam Savage's Tested.


Trap Electro-Mechanics Guide - newly updated 100+ page guide covers building fully working trap! Written for the laymen - look at the Sneak Peek to see what it's like!
Trap Door Mech Guide - OLD - for kits bought before Feb 2022 - recommend using new door mech design, it's easier to install. You can use old Door Mech Kits with new 3D parts - see section in the new guide above for more info! 
Trap Electro-Hose Guide - guide for wiring Trap hose and Foster connectors. If you just need to assemble a regular hose, see Trap Deluxe Kit Assembly Guide above.

Trap Arduino Code - code is released as-is with no support. See PDF for code tweaks
Trap Sound Files
Adafruit Electronics List - most of the electronics needed for the Trap & Pedal

IMPORTANT NOTE! -  as of 3-21-18 it looks like Adafruit has replaced the Arduino UNO with their version - the METRO 328 - it has been tested with the code and electronics and works fine.



I've released a motherboard for the Spirit Life-Size Pack! Will not work with 80% scale packs or any other packs! See below for 80% Packs.

For 80% Scale Version only - covers almost all my upgrade kits including - Motherboard, 3D Printed Upgrades, Labels, Lens Kit, Ribbon Cable & Clamp, Tubing & Fittings

Overview/Install Guide For Afterlife Neutrona Wand Connectors


Easy to assembly laser cut acrylic display kit to light up Memory Orb replicas my friend Ken Chung made. Displays are available in my shop.

Download the Memory Orb Assembly Guide

Super-size LEGO Space Computer

If you like LEGO you should love assembling this simple kit! 5 times bigger than the one from your childhood.  Available in my shop assembled or as a kit.

Download the Space Computer Assembly Guide

See how the hilt was designed here.
Watch Bill Doran of Punished Props and 3D Printing Nerd Joel Telling assemble and paint!

Download files and print your own 6" TARDIS

Download Lighting Upgrade Guide.

Newest, simplified version of lighting kit. Includes directions for installing pre-assembled kits and wiring DIY kits.

Directions for the old version of the lighting kit which used 5 LEDs and a 9V battery are still available.  The 3D parts are included in the TARDIS download.

Download and 3D print your own Stereobelt v1 here.

SCUTTLEFISH AKA The Gowanus Monster
Download and print your own Scuttlefish here.


Monday, December 28, 2020

Adam Savage and the Millenbaugh Motivator

At the end of 2013 I entered Adam Savage's Inventern competition on and, to my surprise, I won. The grand prize was to work on a week-long project with Adam - it turned out to be a bigger project than I could image, lasting 3 months.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

It's a Wrap! - Octopod Overview

Thesis was defended May 3, 2012 and passed with Distinction. Not bad for the guy who had an undergrad GPA which shall remain nameless.  I have collected the key entries here, but check out the rest of the blog for more on the process.

For those new to my project, the goal was to design, model and then 3D print a mechanical octopus vehicle, complete with working features and LED lighting.  The video is an introduction to the piece, followed by lots of pictures and construction details.  Don't hesitate to contact me with questions.

I built a custom stand with a ball-joint to allow for different of poses.

Continue on for more pictures and info...

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tested Articles

I am the 3D Printing and Fabrication corespondent for  I try not to skim over topics and get into the nitty-gritty while still making it clear for beginners and once and awhile I will do a non-3D article as well.  For your perusal...

I recount winning Adam's Inventern competition and the grand prize - helping to finish his Hellboy Mecha-Hand.


Friend of Tested, Jacky Wan aka Valcrow, came down from Canada for a visit to share some of his excellent 3D printed creations.

Form 2

I had a sneak peek of the Formlabs new Form 2 SLA printer. Full review and video can be seen here.

Norm and I build my Scuttlefish, AKA Gowanus Monster kit. Download and print your own or get a kit to build. Read about the design here.

Ultimaker 2 Reviewed

A great printer from novice to expert.  Also see our Ultimaker 2 video.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Etsy Building Costume

When we lived in NYC, my wife worked at Etsy and they always had an amazing Halloween party.  They have an awards ceremony in which one of the prizes is the most 'Etsy' costume.  They are moving into a new building soon, so we made a New Etsy Building costume - she ended up winning Best in Show.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

TARDIS Deluxe Kit

Designed right from the BBC blueprints, my TARDIS kit is meant to print flat to avoid the cracking problems I have experienced with other versions.

Read the my full write-up of building the TARDIS on