Wednesday, January 22, 2014

TARDIS Deluxe Kit

Designed right from the BBC blueprints, my TARDIS kit is meant to print flat to avoid the cracking problems I have experienced with other versions.

Read the my full write-up of building the TARDIS on

I tried printing a bunch of TARDI(?) from Thingiverse with problems since most of them were one piece and would tend to crack as the print got higher.  I also wanted to put a lot more detail in and make it screen accurate.  I got a hold of BBC blueprints and built from that.

I designed it so the the top can come off and be used as a pencil holder, etc.

If you have a 3D printer you can make your own by downloading from my Thingiverse page.

I also have printed kits with stickers, etc and lighting kits available on my Etsy store.

Directions for assembly and lighting can be found here.

Lighting option.

UPDATE 3/5/14

I printed a TARDIS as big as possible for a friend, got it to almost 12 inches, installed a USB rechargeable battery system as well.

Electronic components from my favorite source: Adafruit Industries.