Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Iron Man Arc Reactor MK I

Yeah! It looks awesome, right?  Came out of the MakerBot and did a little clean up, and there you go.  Nah, it's the actual movie prop.  This is an on-going project in it's early stages.  My goal was to have a really small, bright, self-contained light puck that could be recharged via USB that would be part of the existing prop cable.

Rough assembly done in Cinema 4D.
Would like to print the ring and make casts of transparent green resin. Never done it before so it will be a learning experience.

Plan to print the whole thing and try Rub n Buff for the metal parts.

First attempt at light ring. Tedious solder job but worked pretty good.  Printed out the jig and case on the MakerBot.

Amazingly managed to cram it all in.  Used a bunch of good stuff from my favorite place ever, Adafruit Industries.

Second version using surface mount LEDs which were a PAIN to solder, but they are even brighter and have a better spread. Not sure which I will use in the end.

Not the best picture of this version, they are actually much brighter.
More updates to come.  Someday.