Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sean Charlesworth - 3D Modeling & Printing Reel & Resume

I am a hard surface 3D modeler and printer with a specialty in designing assemblies. For the last 10 years, I have also been the Head Repair Technician for NYU Film & TV - responsible for the repair, maintenance and processing of all existing and new production equipment.  I use this hands-on knowledge and sensibility, to design working 3D printed assemblies, combined with actual hardware where appropriate.

0:06  OCTOPOD - Design & Modeling - Cinema 4D
Thesis project, printed with multiple materials, poseable tentacles and finished interior.

0:28  MILLENBAUGH MOTIVATOR - Modeling - Cinema 4D
Built for Hellboy Mecha Glove replica built by Adam Savage (MythBusters). Shown installed on Adam's finished glove.

0:45  JET CAR - Modeling - Cinema 4D
Replica of Jet Car vehicle from Buckaroo Banzai movie

1:03  SCUTTLEFISH - Design & Modeling - Cinema 4D
Commission for MakerBot Industries

Music: "The Son of Flynn" by Daft Punk

3D General Reel

My concentration is on 3D modeling and printing, but I have down a bit of everything and have a pretty good knack for animation, so may I present:

0:06 - OCTOPOD - Design, Modeling, 3D Printing
Cinema 4D, Zbrush, netfabb, MeshLab, Objet Connex 500 Printer

0:24 - JETCAR - Modeling, Texturing, 3D Printing
Cinema 4D, netfabb, Zcorp Printer

0:38 - TREBUCHET - Design, Modeling, Texturing

0:42 - SKELETON CREW - Design, Animation
After Effects

0:48 - COUNT SPATULA - Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Animation

0:55 - HOT COFFEE - Animation

1:04 - WHEN ROBOTS ATTACK - Concept, Design, Stop Motion Animation, Compositing
After Effects

1:16 - DOMINOES - Tracking, Modeling, Dynamics, Lighting, Compositing
Maya, After Effects

1:18 - MAD SCIENCE - Texturing, Lighting, Rendering
Maya, After Effects

Music: "Hong Kong Twist" by Gert Wilden & His Orchestra