Sunday, December 29, 2013

Jet Car Hits Vienna - Goes Right Through It

See my full write-up of the Jet Car project on

I still can't quite believe this happened, but the Buckaroo Banzai Jet Car is currently on display in Vienna, Austria during Vienna Design Week.

I was contacted by a London gallery, So Far, the Future which was interested in displaying the Jet Car in their sister gallery, So Weit, die Zukunft which they opened during Vienna Design Week.

I had been meaning to do an updated version of the Jet Car which was more detailed and movie-accurate and with less than a month to go, I scrambled to get it done and printed in time.  It just made it and here it is.

This version was printed on the Objet in the same material as the Octopod.

You can check out the original version of the Jet Car and the printing process in my earlier post.

Sean Charlesworth - 3D Modeling & Printing Reel & Resume

I am a hard surface 3D modeler and printer with a specialty in designing assemblies. For the last 10 years, I have also been the Head Repair Technician for NYU Film & TV - responsible for the repair, maintenance and processing of all existing and new production equipment.  I use this hands-on knowledge and sensibility, to design working 3D printed assemblies, combined with actual hardware where appropriate.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Maker Faire NYC 2013

Charlesworth Dynamics will be at the New York Maker Faire!  We will have our Replicator 2X on hand and be happy to answer any 3D printing questions.  We will also have our iris boxes, TARDIS kits and other goodies for sale. 

Look for Charlesworth Dynamics in the 3D Printer Village exhibit #11803. Click banner for info and tickets.

To buy a TARDIS kit or iris box check out our Etsy Store.

If you have your own 3D printer, download files for the TARDIS and irisbox on my Thingiverse page.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Shop - Kid Tested, Adam Approved

This is the NYU Film & TV Repair Shop and it's probably been my biggest project ever.   It's a never ending task to keep it efficient, organized and stocked and I love it. I'm lucky to have access to a great shop in the middle of NYC and would be a sad, sad man if I didn't.  As the one and only Repair Tech at NYU Film & TV I am responsible for keeping over 50 film cameras, 300 digital cameras, audio gear and a ton of light and grip equipment up and running.

A Red Letter Day - Adam Savage visits the shop.
 And yes, Adam Savage stopped by.  I won his Inventern competition and helped to finish his Hellboy Mecha-Hand.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Camera Repair - ARRI S

I was the Head Repair Tech for NYU Film & TV for almost 12 years and during that time, one of my biggest jobs was keeping over 90 ARRI S 16mm cameras running.  Up until Summer 2012 the ARRI S was the workhorse of the introductory film class but NYU finally made the transition to digital and while they still shoot a lot of film, the amount of digital projects continues to grow and the ARRI S has been retired.

I may have moved on from NYU but I inherited a massive amount of new and used ARRI S parts and still do camera repair when I have time. Contact me if you are looking for any parts or need some work done.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Analog Projects

The Charlesworth Dynamics site was originally setup to cover the Octopod but has since grown to cover a lot of my other projects as well.  Before I delved into the digital realm, I had a long history of building and fixing things in the real world and I wanted to showcase some of my hands-on 'analog' projects. I felt that this was especially important since I want to continue combining 3D modeling and printing with real-world hardware and hands-on.


Presented here are some highlights of my work in 3D modeling and 3D printing.  I currently have a MakerBot 2X and Thing-O-Matic at home which can print in ABS or PLA plastic. For final prints I typically use a 3D Systems ProJet 7000 or Stratasys Objet Connex500.

Most of my models have been built in Cinema 4D and post-processed with netfabb.

Also see my 3D printing articles on

The Millenbaugh Motivator

My latest print - this is a functional piece I designed, printed and assembled for a Hellboy prop replica built by Adam Savage of MythBusters.  Follow the link for the whole story.

Camera Jewelry

During my time as a camera repair technician I saved a lot of broken parts because they looked cool.  After almost 10 years I had a big box of them with no particular use.  I decided to clean up the parts and make some jewelry.  Sold about 40 items and have never had the time to do more.

Camera & Production Accessories

Here are a few camera accessories which I have designed or modified for NYU using our simple milling machine.


The camera class needed an extension added to the Ronford head to accommodate cameras with a larger magazine.  I used aluminum which is easy to mill, the hard part was the precision needed to get all the screws to line up.

Kate's Engagement Ring

I wasn't really prepared when I proposed to my wife Kate so until I could get a real ring I made her one at work.  Since I repair film & TV equipment, the band is part of an aluminum light stand and the 'jewel' is a camera bearing which spins, making it a great fidget ring.  It remains one of Kate's favorite pieces of jewelry.

Stormtrooper Blaster

My biggest nerd project to date has been my scratch-built Star Wars Stormtrooper Blaster.  It's not 100% accurate or 100% done but I'm pretty proud of it.  The original blaster was made from a modified Sterling machine gun but I built mine completely from scratch, using mostly junk film equipment. The only 3D printed item on this is the rear portion of the scope, everything else is metal.  It's more or less finished except for some good weathering.

My blaster with 3D printed scope.

BNC Cable Holder

I finally got a sweet Panasonic 1760 production monitor for my workbench so I designed and printed a cable holder in ABS which mounts on the side.  It will also work with the 1710 monitor (and probably others) and you can download and print your own via my Thingiverse page.

FOR SALE:  I also have these for sale at Shapeways if you don't have a printer.  See below for pictures.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Poor Man's Iron Man

A little art project made from a photo enlarger lens, broken camera parts and LED ribbon.  It will power something small for never and something big for never-ever.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Focus Chart System

I have been the Camera & Equipment Repair Technician for NYU's Film & TV program for almost 10 years and have finished a few custom projects.  I test a lot of cameras and have limited space to work with, so I designed and built this movable focus system.  It's all cobbled together from stuff I ordered from McMaster-Carr.

Movable focus chart system which I designed and built.  I used structural aluminum for the frame and sled and suspended industrial track from the ceiling.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Iris Box v1

This was derived from the iris door on the Octopod and was a hit at Maker Faire.  It's a great gift for kids and a fun fidget toy.  Complete files and directions can be found on my Thingiverse page.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Octopod Reprints

I reprinted some Octopod parts for Maker Faire way back in September and forgot about posting pix.

The cockpit lid had a few problems.  Due to the nature of the material I printed with, it wasn't holding it's shape properly and the curvature of the top was acting like a spring which caused it to fit poorly.  

Nagra Stand

One of my prized possessions is a Nagra SN 'spy' recorder. It's about the size of a thin paperback and was originally commissioned by the CIA in the 1960's.  They were made by Kudelski, a Swiss company renowned for their production recorders for film & TV.

It's a beautifully made piece of machinery and I needed a proper way to display it.  So, I designed and printed a stand which prints flat and then slots together.

Doctor Who TARDIS

I can't take credit for building the original version of the TARDIS, that goes to Gossamer and nopoe on Thingiverse.  I modified it to have windows, made some nice labels and lit it up as a birthday present for my brother-in-law.

This was done on my Thing-O-Matic and was tough, because it was about 5 inches tall and the ABS kept splitting at the corners.  I think more outer shells and more infill will make it work better.

The print files, labels and instructions for LED lights can be downloaded from Thingiverse.

Star Trek Harry Mudd Flower

My buddy Spencer put together a great Harry Mudd costume for Shore Leave 2012 and I made a 3D printed flower for him.  It was really quick and dirty and not the best model, but it worked.  If you really, really need one the files are on my Thingiverse page.


It actually printed without supports, although it was a little messy on the back.  The original was thinner than I wanted so I reinforced it with some hot glue.

Card Holder

A Charlesworth Dynamics business card holder I whipped up on the Thing-O-Matic for Maker Faire.

MintyBoost Box

Read my full write-up of constructing the MintyBoost on

While I would not consider myself an electronics guy, I am a solder guy and enjoy a good project.  One of my favorite sources for such projects is Adafruit Industries and in particular I love their MintyBoost USB Charger, which is normally installed in an Altoids tin.  I wanted to design a custom case with the ability to add an on/off switch AND store the USB cable inside.

Once again, if you would like your very own, the 3D print files are available on my Thingiverse page.  Or if you would just like to buy one, it's up on my Shapeways store.

Name Badges

Got on a name badge kick.  Made all of my employees their own custom badges and all my helpers at Maker Faire.

Evil Dead Chainsaw

I haven't done Halloween for a long time, but my workstudy students convinced/inspired me to put something together this year.  Unfortunately the costume never got used due to Hurricane Sandy and our mandatory evacuation.  Maybe next year...

Flashfoward two years and I finally got to use it:

The side vent, and pull-cord assembly are 3D printed, you can download the files on my Thingiverse page.

See my walkthrough of how it was built on Tested.

Get your own chainsaw on my Etsy store.