Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Tested Articles

I am the 3D Printing and Fabrication corespondent for  I try not to skim over topics and get into the nitty-gritty while still making it clear for beginners and once and awhile I will do a non-3D article as well.  For your perusal...

I recount winning Adam's Inventern competition and the grand prize - helping to finish his Hellboy Mecha-Hand.


Friend of Tested, Jacky Wan aka Valcrow, came down from Canada for a visit to share some of his excellent 3D printed creations.

Form 2

I had a sneak peek of the Formlabs new Form 2 SLA printer. Full review and video can be seen here.

Norm and I build my Scuttlefish, AKA Gowanus Monster kit. Download and print your own or get a kit to build. Read about the design here.

Ultimaker 2 Reviewed

A great printer from novice to expert.  Also see our Ultimaker 2 video.

Mercury Space Capsule Replica
Building a replica of the Mercury space capsule for practical effects short film "T-Minus".

3D Print Show Wrap-Up
NYC 2015
My Favorite Things of 2014
Tested asked me to list some of my favorite goodies of 2014.

Testing the Form 1+ SLA Printer
Norm & I Discuss the Form 1+ Video

3D Printing with Liquid Resin

3D Printing a Lightsaber
Download and print your own here.

Build Your Own X-Men Quicksilver Stereobelt
Video Walk Through of Stereobelt 
History of the Real Stereobelt

Build Your Own Evil Dead Chainsaw

World Maker Faire 2014 3D Printing Recap

An Overview of 3D Printing Technologies

Modeling Software for 3D Printing

Modeling and Prep for 3D Printing

Making Custom Enclosure for MintyBoost USB Charger

Designing and Building a 3D Printed TARDIS

Download one here.

Buy one here.

Designing 3D Printed Tested Name Tags

3D Printing with Paper - The MCor Printer

Designing and 3D Printing the Buckaroo Banzai Jetcar

Testing the New 3D Printing Features in Photoshop

3D Printing with Rubber

Shopping for a Home 3D Printer

Non-3D Printing Work

Nagra Spy Recorder

Curta Mechanical Calculator


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