Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Update Pix 2 - Now With Even More Update Flavor!

Have hit some major roadblocks when trying to export STL files for printing.  The lesson learned is:

You DO NOT want interior faces left-over from extruding stuff, it will screw up your STL files big time.  Took a while to track down the offending parts and of course they were something small and relatively minor.

All good now, taking some files to the print lab on Friday so we can run test them with the print software.  Will be printing everything in less than two weeks.  Stressing.

A few update pix:

Slight update from previous version.  Portholes and hatches are cut out and windows have some more detail. Adding more hardware and rivets next.  Trying to add nautical stuff that would actually be used and in the right spot.

Added back hatch and ladder.
Biggest addition down below is a threaded mount for putting the Octopod on a stand.  It was a chore, may post video for it later.
A look inside. The big beefy part up front is for adding support to the mounting area below.  Various points have been added to screw the halves together.  The holes running along the top are for magnets to hold the door on.
View from inside looking into the cockpit.  Nothing in there yet but soon.
Reverse view looking into the hold.  I've added girders not only for looks but for actual structural reinforcement.