Monday, March 12, 2012

Tentacle Mount Build Video

This is the building of the first tentacle mount. It's been revised but the basic design and methods remained the same.  I tried to speed this up and edit it down but have been having major problems with my screencast software.  A bunch of build videos were corrupted and this is one of the few that I salvaged.

The basic approach for this was to use a knuckle connected to the mount and build a hub that the tentacles would slot into.  Originally I planned on the tentacle having a pivot pin at the base so the whole thing could move but I realized that there wasn't much room underneath for the pins. I also realized that the tentacles are so flexible that the first knuckle could be stationary and there would still be plenty of room to move.  I put the knuckle/mount into an array so they could be positioned evenly.  The hub was then sized to fit the array and slots were booled out.  I had to used a slightly modified version of the mount for booling because the slot has to be bigger  than the original due to mechanical tolerances.


  1. I like watching the processes unfold here, from your original vision sketches to design in software to the troubleshooting and tweaking of the physical output through multiple iterations. I especially enjoyed the tentacle "series". Keep up the good work, dude!

    - Greg.

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