Sunday, December 29, 2013

Jet Car Hits Vienna - Goes Right Through It

See my full write-up of the Jet Car project on

I still can't quite believe this happened, but the Buckaroo Banzai Jet Car is currently on display in Vienna, Austria during Vienna Design Week.

I was contacted by a London gallery, So Far, the Future which was interested in displaying the Jet Car in their sister gallery, So Weit, die Zukunft which they opened during Vienna Design Week.

I had been meaning to do an updated version of the Jet Car which was more detailed and movie-accurate and with less than a month to go, I scrambled to get it done and printed in time.  It just made it and here it is.

This version was printed on the Objet in the same material as the Octopod.

You can check out the original version of the Jet Car and the printing process in my earlier post.

This was originally built to print on the ZCorp machine, thus the cleaning holes, but due to technical difficulties I had to do an emergency print on the Objet.  I would have built the Jet Car differently if I had known.

Had to get creative to clean this one.


  1. Was that the true color of the jet car? What you only need is to color the jet car to give a lively look to it.

    1. Hi Harold, you can see what the original Jet Car looks like in my earlier post:

      I would love to paint both the Jet Car and Octopod to make them look even better. It's on a long list of things to do! Just haven't had the time yet.

      Thanks for the comments!

  2. I just do wonder if where you got this cleaning material. Does this thing also work for car parts?

    1. The machine I'm using is an ultrasonic cleaner, just Google it for buying options. The sodium hydroxide (lye) is used in water to make the cleaning solution. You can get lye from photo places (I got mine from B&H Photo but it's pick-up only) not sure where else to get it. The ultrasonic cleaner would work for cleaning car parts but with a different solution than lye. You'd have to research what would work.

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